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About Us

We are a social enterprise that works towards eradicating poverty by tackling social and economic development problems that affect businesses and communities, using proven approaches that are practical and sustainable.

Our Vision

A world where growth is inclusive and diversity is celebrated

Latest Updates

ENTERPRISE project launched in Uva Province 

November 13 2017

5.4 billion rupees has been pledged by the European Union to support development projects in Sri Lanka through a programme launched on 7th November. The programme will comprise five projects implemented by 5 partner organizations CARE / ACTED/Oxfam/ADRA and Stichting Solidaridad. Expected to run until 2021 it aims to reduce poverty in the provinces by improving the incomes of poor people living in rural areas and improve their health and sanitation and nutrition.

CARE Deutchland-Luxemburg e.V partners with Chrysalis and British Council to implement one of the five projects titled ‘Enterprise’.  3,000 rural and estate community members are expected to benefit from this project while a total of 900,000 will benefit indirectly.

Chrysalis becomes an affiliate member of CARE International

June 20 2017

At a recent meeting in Oslo, The CARE International Council focused on the diversification of the CARE International Network, and the approval of four new affiliate members. Accordingly Chrysalis Sri Lanka was invited to join the Council meeting formally, which was considered a truly historic moment.

New Partnership with SLILG

June 20 2017

Chrysalis together with CARE Germany entered into a tripartite agreement with the Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance (SLILG). SLILG together with Chrysalis will train 300 government officials at provincial level to increase the access and quality of service delivery to communities in the Uva and Central provinces.



Total number of women
reached through our projects



 Total number of young women
and men reached through our projects



Total number of Small and
Medium-sized enterprises supported


Selvamalar’s Story

Selvamalar runs a successful food processing business in Mullaitivu.  She currently employs 8 women and runs a certified kitchen with established market links.  She has also single-handedly raised 2 children who are now independent adults.  Selvamalar knows only too well the hardships of life, having survived a war, multiple displacements, and abandonment by her husband. She has only grown stronger through these challenges and now expends her time improving her business in order to support vulnerable women by providing them employment.

She successfully applied for a business grant provided through Chrysalis’ partnership with CARE Netherlands and H&M Foundation and used these funds to further expand her business, subsequently being featured on their Foundation 500 list of successful female business leaders.

Chrysalis endeavors to support women’s groups engaged in businesses to support the local economy and uplift the position of vulnerable women in society.


Paramijt Kaur

Executive Secretary

 Paramjit has 10 years of experience working with the private sector in early Childhood Education, Travel and Administration. Her expertise includes office management, administration and support services.


Nadeesha Wickremasinghe


Nadeesha has six years of experience working in financial accounting with multiple private companies including startups involved in the garment, food and industrial safety apparel sectors. Her expertise includes management of all financial accounting requirements of a company.

She is a qualified CIMA Accountant, and holds a diploma in airline ticketing, reservation and marketing.


Mohamed Jiffry


 Jiffry has ten years of experience working in financial accounting with multiple private companies His expertise includes management of all financial accounting requirements of a company.

He has completed all stages at the institute of certified management accountants of Sri Lanka.


Shivani F. Fernandez

Management Executive – Communications and Contracts

Shivani brings over 10 years of work experience that includes coordination of humanitarian and development projects in gender, conflict, and private sector.

She has expertise on women’s empowerment and rights, child rights, youth, and in building private sector partnerships in the hospitality sector. She has supported the coordination, quality assurance, budget management, contract management, knowledge and information management, and customer engagement of largescale projects at CARE.

Shivani has diplomas in project management, psychology, and marketing, with a higher post graduate diploma in international relations.


Tharanga Silva

Finance Manager

 Tharanga has more than fifteen years of work experience in the field of Accounting and Finance in different sectors. Throughout her working career, she has developed strong problem solving, analytical, diagnostics and financial reporting skills.

Tharanga has a Master’s degree in Business Studies and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colombo. She is also a certified business Accountant at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.


Kushala Viyanga Cooray

Head of Operations

Kushala brings 13 years of financial management experience, working with international corporate brands, engineering firms and as an international management consultant familiar with managing multi-lateral and bi-lateral donor funded projects. He brings expertise in accounting, business analysis, finance, development and reporting, branding, marketing and human resources.

As an international business development consultant, he has expertise working on multi-lateral and bi-lateral development projects.  He holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Bachelor of Business in Accounting.

Faizal A. Cader

Area Director

Cader has 13 years of experience in managing development and humanitarian programs with CARE International.

He has experience in leading multi- cultural teams locally and internationally in variety of institutional settings. He has experience in managing development projects and programs related to community empowerment, governance, food security, rural agriculture and livelihoods. He is efficient in managing humanitarian responses, recovery and rehabilitation projects in context of complex and natural disasters in Sri Lanka, Philippines, South Sudan and Mozambique. He is a member of CARE International Roster for Emergency Deployment, member National Disaster Management and Coordination Committee of Sri Lanka, member professional association of agriculturalists in Sri Lanka.

Cader holds a B.Sc special degree in Tropical Agriculture, MBA in Strategic Management from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka and reading for a Master degree in Sociology in University of Kamraj, India.


Lahari De Alwis

Head of Business Services

Lahari brings 11 years of experience working as an educator and a researcher overseas and in Sri Lanka with the corporate sector on development and conservation projects. With CARE International Sri Lanka she headed and managed their private sector portfolio, building relationships with corporates in the hospitality and plantation sector to design and implement projects focused on women and youth. Previously, she coordinated the establishment of the business and biodiversity platform in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Having worked in South America and the UK, her international experience in education and multi-disciplinary research gives her a unique perspective and ability to work effectively across different fields, successfully combining key elements to give results suitable for all parties.

Lahari is a mathematician with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, a Master of Advanced Study in Theoretical Astrophysics and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry.


Ahmed Rislan

Head of Development Services

Rislan brings ten years of experience working in the development sector. He has expertise in peacebuilding, conflict sensitivity, governance, economic empowerment, business development, women and youth empowerment. With CARE International, as a Senior Project Manager he oversaw the implementation of complex projects, liaising with multiple stakeholders including fiscal and administrative management of these projects. He has worked extensively with local and International Non-Government Organizations in managing projects on peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity, including mobilizing of grant funds, strategic planning, implementing training programs, and knowledge management.

He has a Master’s in Development Studies from the University of Colombo, a Bachelor of Arts with honors on Mass Communications from Eastern University of Sri Lanka, and Post-graduate diploma on Development Studies from the University of Colombo.


Ashika Gunasena

Chief Executive Officer

Ashika has 22 years of experience in senior management positions, working in the development sector in Sri Lanka. As Assistant Country Director Programs and an Executive Team Member for CARE International, Sri Lanka she oversaw strategic and annual planning, program and project design and development of CARE’ s work in Sri Lanka that involved overseeing program quality, impact measurement, learning, liaising with government, private sector, donor and civil society, and overseeing the management of human resources. She played a critical role in leading CARE Sri Lanka’s organizational transition, providing her expertise in strategy formulation, socio-political analysis, communications and change management.

Her wealth of expertise in gender transformative programming, disaster risk reduction, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, and social research across multiple sectors of the country. She is a member of CARE International’s Asia Pacific Program Leadership Team and CARE International Strategic Leadership Team on Program Quality and Impact.

Ashika has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Flinders University of South Australia.


Vindhya Fernando

Head of Advisory Services

Vindhya has 13 years of Development and Humanitarian experience working with CARE Sri Lanka, with an expert proficiency in improving and implementing policy on women’s rights and engaging with both the private and state sectors on empowering women and youth. She has also worked extensively in conflict and post conflict environments in Sri Lanka and abroad. Her areas of expertise include gender transformative approaches, GBV and conflict sensitivity programming.

Her international experience includes conducting an assessment for the Democratic Republic of Congo and Asia Pacific Region on issues related to Gender Based Violence, Governance and Women’s Empowerment.  Her international experience amplifies her expertise and provides a wider lens when working with a variety of clients.

She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences and is committed to helping women and youth reach their potential.

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