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About Sector

‘Ceylon Tea’ accounts for a third of the tea produced globally and Sri Lanka still remains one of the largest exporters of tea globally. Tea is one of the primary export earners and employs about 10% of the country’s labour force – the majority who are women. However, Sri Lanka’s position in terms of tea production is slowly declining, as the sector is plagued by a dwindling and ageing labour force with many youth residing on estates reluctant to follow in the path of their forefathers. The lack of job satisfaction and poverty among estate communities has created a labour crisis on estates, as youth migrate to urban areas in search of better prospects.

CARE Sri Lanka worked for over two decades in the plantation sector, building lasting relationships between estate companies and its workers with the aim of providing a sustainable solution to keep the tea industry vibrant. The pioneering work of CARE in forming Community Development Forums (CDFs) that enables estate workers and communities to engage in productive dialogue with management, has seen an increase in productivity and worker satisfaction.

As CARE’s legacy, Chrysalis continues the CDF concept among plantation sector companies and its workers, by pushing the boundaries even further to create social enterprise models that will help address tough issues with labour, and create dignified work places for women and youth.

Chrysalis supports its clients in the plantation sector in forming CDFs by mobilizing the community, raising awareness on key issues, and engaging and facilitating dialogue between groups. Tea companies have turned to our experts for tested, evidence based approaches to find lasting solutions that helps create a workforce that is content and productive.

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